Тест за матура по Английски език 3





Direction : You will hear a text about the beginning of laundry. The text will be read twice.

You can read the questions for 2 minutes before you start listening. While listening, you will be allowed

to look at the questions but not to take notes. After hearing the whole text, you will have 5 minutes to

choose the right answer and fill in the chosen letter in the corresponding space on your answer sheet.


A Perfect Fossil

         According to legend the salamander was a creature which thrived in fire, but died when exposed

to air. Not this one. It was killed 160 million years ago by a rain of fire from a volcano in what is now

Inner Mongolia, in Northern China. Traces of soft tissue are preserved only rarely in amphibian fossils, but

in this case, the detail is exquisite. The animal's gills can be seen protruding from its head. The last meal

is visible in its stomach. The delicate folds of its tail are as clear as if it was still swimming. The

specimen is one of about 200 fossil salamanders found in the area. The discovery was made by scientists from

Peking University in China.


1. The salamander was amphibian :


2. The legend about the salamander was verified in an archeological finding :


3. The creature was killed after the eruption of a volcano :


4. The remains of the salamander were fossilised :


5. Specimens of about 500 fossilised salamanders are kept in a Chinese University :


Direction : You will hear a text about The Power of a Backpack. The text will be read twice.

You can read the questions for 2 minutes before you start listening. While listening, you will be allowed

to look at the questions but not to take notes. After hearing the whole text, you will have 7 minutes to choose

the right answer and fill in the chosen letter in the corresponding space on your answer sheet.


Red Kangaroos

         The monarch of the great dry island of Australia, the Red Kangaroo, is the largest living marsupial,

the male growing up to about two metres tall. In contrast to the male's rusty fur, the smaller female

is smoke blue-grey and this has led to her being called the blue flyer. When pursued, kangaroos can travel

fast, but they tend to tire quickly and the height and length of the hops and their maximum speed at time

have been exaggerated.

         On hot days they tire easily and when the female is closely pursued, its baby will sometimes drop out

of its mother's pounch because the pouch muscles relax in the nervous panic.

         Kangaroos have been known to jump over high obstacles and they have little difficulty clearing fences

about 1.2 metres or higher. When travelling leisurely, the kangaroo hops about 1.2 to 1.5 metres at each

bound, but at speed the bound can increase to three metres. The spring for the kangaroo's hop comes from

the big muscles in its thigh, the long tail merely acting as a balancer.


6. The Red Kangaroo :


7. The colour of the female kangaroo is :


8. Kangaroos :


9. When female kangaroos panic they may :


10. Kangaroos can :




Directions : Read the text and the question after it. Then choose the best answer to each question

and fill in the chosen letter in the corresponding space on your answer sheet.


Feudal Society

         The men of the two feudal ages were close to nature - much closer than we are; and nature

as they knew it was much less tamed and softened than we see it today. The rural landscape, of which

the waste formed so large a part, bore fewer traces of human influence. The wild animals that now only

haunt our nursery tales - bears and, above all, wolves - prowled in every wilderness, and even amongst the

cultivated fields. So much was this the case that the sport of hunting was indispensable for ordinary

security, and almost equally so as a method of supplementing the food supply. People continued to pick wild

fruit and to gather honey as in the first ages of mankind. In the construction of implements and tools,

wood played a predominant part. The nights, owing to the wretched lighting, were darker; the cold, even

in the living quarters of the castles, was more intense. In short, behind all social life there was a

background of the primitive, of submission to uncontrollable forces, of unrelieved physical contrasts.

There is no means of measuring the influence which such an environment was capable of exerting on the

minds of men, but could hardly have failed to contribute to their uncouthness.


1. People in the feudal ages were close to nature because it was tame and soft :


2. Animals used to move around wild areas and cultivated fields :


3. Hunting was essential for providing security and food :


4. The cold in living quarters and castles was due to the poor lighting :


5. People had to put up with harsh natural conditions :


6. The word "indispensable" in line 6 means something you cannot manage without :


7. The word "submission" in line 11 means "conquest"


The Value of Software

         Software is the fuel on which modern businesses are run, governments rule, and societies become better connected.

Software has helped us create, access, and visualise information in previously unconceivable ways and forms.

Globally, the breathtaking pace of progress in software has helped drive the growth of the world's economy.

On a more human scale, software products have helped cure the sick and have given voice to the speechless, mobility

to the impaired, and opportunity to the less able. From all these perspectives, software is an indispensable part

of our modern world.

         The bad news is that the expansion of software systems in size, complexity, distribution, and importance pushed

the limits of what we in the software industry know how to develop. Trying to advance legacy systems to more

modern technology brings its own set of technical and organisational problems. Compounding the problem is that

businesses continue to demand increased prductivity and improved quality with faster development and deployment.

Additionally, the supply of qualified development personnel is not keeping pace with the demand.

         The net result is that building and maintaining software is hard and getting harder.



8. Software is a means for :


9. Software products can :


10. The word "impaired" in line 6 is closest in meaning to :


11. Today's world :


12. The development of software systems :


13. The phrase "compounding the problem" in line 11 can best be replaced by :


14. People working with software products :


15. The phrase "the net result" in line 15 can best be replaced by :




Section 1 : Close Test


Directions : Read the text and the sentences below and for each gap from (1) to (20) circle the letter

(a, b, c or d) of the word or phrase that best suits each space. Then fill in the chosen letter in the

corresponding space on your answer sheet


What is Astrology

         What is this science that (1)...... the mind of illustrious men? Is it divination, or fortune (2)......? Is it

superstition? Is it science? Is it religion? Is it an art? Is it a philosophy? Experienced astrologers know they cannot

predict a definite event or the details of any movement in nature. They are like the weathermen who can (3)...... rain

but cannot predict who will be (4)...... .

         Those who turn to the stars are astromancers - not astrologers. Here and there we might find an astrologer in whose

records there are direct-hit predictions; but such an astrologer, if he is truthful, is expected to (5)...... that he was

aided by clairvoyance; that his prediction was not based on astrology (6)...... .

         Lexicographers could be of important assistance in helping people to understand astrology and its claims. In the

preparation of English language dictionaries they could be more careful in their definitions of astrology and astromancy,

for they (7)...... to give the student the impression that the two words mean the samo thing; a lamentable situation, for

if astrologers know the difference, surely we have the right to (8)...... lexicographers to know also.

         When astrology is kept (9)...... its proper limits it attracts thinking men. A horoscope is like a (10)...... of

tools - its owner may make good use of the tools or not.





















11. The ...... wasn't very nice so we didn't go walking after all .


12. Soldiers are trained to ...... the orders of their officers.


13. Tom said he could't ...... on the money his father gave him.


14. The outline of the figure was barely ...... in the darkness.


15. I'll be very pleased if you all ...... the exam tomorrow.


16. She has always ...... old age.


17. There is a slight ...... of their going to the USA next year.


18. The girl was obviously embarrassed; her face was ...... with red.


19. Anyone suspected of ...... a crime will be prosecuted.


20. The new position made him ...... of taking decisions.


Section 2 : Sentence Completion


Direction : For each of the sentences below, circle the letter (a, b, c or d) of the word or phrase that

best completes its meaning. Then fill in the chosen letter in the corresponding space on your sheet.


21. I can't help ...... when somebody tells me a funny story.


22. The number of people waiting outside the surgery ...... bigger.


23. ...... he told me, took me by surprise.


24. The first book ...... in Bulgarian was called Abagar.


25. Under the warm autumn sun, enjoy your time ...... the island.


26. I could hear every word spoken ...... under anesthetic.


27. Even when there is an important international event, the tabloids devote almost ...... their

front pages to star stories as to such events.


28. It's hard to find project I really have ...... .


29. The tall ...... 16 - year - old said he had a flying lesson scheduled for that day.


30. Once the company began operating, I ...... work in my garden any more .


Section 3 : Error Identification


Directions: Some of the sentences below are right while others contain an error in grammar

or usage. Read carefully and choose where is the mistake. If the sentence is correct, choose option D.


31. When mum came back, she had a whole new view on what could women do.


32. He couldn't think of a world in which civilized nations will not need defense forces.


33. Most of the reapers were dozing in the afternoon sun when they were woken by a sudden noise.


34. The number of 11 - to - 15 - year - olds in England who regularly smoke has gone down

nearly 25 per cents in the last five years.


35. One morning, I enjoyed the sound of Beethoven when an administrative assistant stopped by.


36. I have a dark secret to share : I prefer eating at fast food restaurants than eating at home.


37. He was jogging on his treadmill when he was hearing a thump upstairs and rushed to the nursery.


38. What would you do if George is your son?.


39. When Mary began the GI diet she wondered would she be able to stick with this one.


40. It will be easy to lose confidence if you start to put weight back.


Section 4 : Sentence Transformation


Directions: Complete the second sentence so that it is as close as possible in meaning to the

first one. Make all necessary change. Fill in the answers on your answer sheet.


41. They won't let you park on this side of the road

You won't .


42. You must send this email straight away.

The email .


43. We do not allow taking photographs in the church museum.

Taking photographs is not .


44. I bought a new sweater yesterday but now I'm sorry I did it.

I wish .


45. It isn't advisable for you to go out alone in the dark.

You had better .


46. I should like you to stop bothering me.

I wish .


47. The people at the back could not hear her

She could not make .


48. He put on his seat belt so that he should not be finished.

He put on his seat belt so as .


49. "Don't go there alone", the man told me.

The man warned .


50. The last news of them was a month ago.

There hasn't .


PART FOUR : WRITING (25 marks)


Directions: Write a composition of about 180 - 220 words on ONE of the following topics :


1. Imagine winning a large amount of money. What would you do with it? Explain the reasons for doing it.


2. It is generally agreed that human being are the most intelligent species. Do you think that this makes

them superior to all other species? Use specific reasons to support your answer.

(PART FOUR е даден за информация на ученика! Той не се записва, защото няма как да бъде оценен!)


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